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Partial Data for Visualization

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Best-fit visual

Best-fit visual is an intelligent approach that Tellius uses to display the result of your question or a query entered using Natural language. Being a Natural language enabled, Tellius Search not jus…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 2 years ago by Hardik Chheda

Add to Vizpad

In Tellius, when you write a question in the Search bar, the Search page displays the appropriate result of the question. This result can be in the form of a chart or table. The chart panel provides…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 3 years ago by Hardik Chheda

Adding the chart to a Vizpad

When you search for the information by specifying your question or a query, the Search page in Tellius displays the appropriate information in the form of a chart or table. You can further add this c…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 3 years ago by Hardik Chheda

Customize the auto-picked columns

Tellius informs you of similar matches found for user-entered search queries. If a search keyword is found in multiple columns, Tellius notifies the auto-picked column and lets you update the match to the required column/column value.

Ramya Priya
Updated 10 months ago by Ramya Priya