Vizpad level Interactions

Vizpad Global Settings

In Tellius, Vizpad provides the global settings option to perform the following: Change the colors of the charts in vizpad. Change the gradient colors of treemap, heatmap, map, scatter, bubble, cohor…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 10 months ago by Hardik Chheda

Global Filters

In Tellius, each Vizpad provides the Global filter option that is applicable to all charts in the Vizpad. You can add multiple filter condition for dimension, measure, and date. Click the Add button…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 3 years ago by Hardik Chheda

Swapping Business View of charts

In Vizpads, users can now swap the underlying Business View of a chart to another required Business View, retaining the same chart and configurations.

Ramya Priya
Updated 4 months ago by Ramya Priya

Control filters

The latest update in version 4.2 introduces a change where "Control Viz" is now referred to as "Control Filter." This enhancement allows you to apply control filters that will impact all charts withi…

Ramya Priya
Updated 3 months ago by Ramya Priya