Team (Users)

Details & Role

On the Settings page, you can find the Users tab where you can manage all users in Tellius. As an administrator, you can create a new user, edit user details, and even delete a user. User Roles. In T…

Charudatta Mundale
Updated 7 months ago by Charudatta Mundale

Create a new user

The Administrator can add users in Tellius to access the application. While creating a user, the administrator can set the appropriate role for the user so that they can access only the allowed funct…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 7 months ago by Hardik Chheda

Edit user details

Sometime, it is required that the user details, especially user role needs to be updated. The Administrator can access the Settings page and modify the user details. In the left Navigation bar , clic…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 3 years ago by Hardik Chheda

Assigning the user data to another user

On the Users tab, the Administrator can assign user data to another user. Data includes datasources, datasets, scheduling refreshes and content, data pipelines and scripts, business views, vizpads, i…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 1 month ago by Hardik Chheda

Restricting the dataset for a user

Administrator can enable the dataset loading restriction for a user. Adminstrator can set the maximum limit for the file size and records in the database table that a user can upload to Tellius. In t…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 3 years ago by Hardik Chheda

Deleting a user

Before deleting a user account, Tellius provides the feature to reassign all the content owned by the user to a different user to prevent unintended loss of content.

Hardik Chheda
Updated 1 year ago by Hardik Chheda

Assign User Objects

Users can re-assign their content to a different user. Transfer of content ownership is critical in cases when a user is being removed from the system. Before transferring ownership and deleting a us…

Updated 2 years ago