Guided Search

Add Guided Search Experience

Add Guided Search Experience The search functionality has now the added advantage of adding existing search suggestions from Search Guide to the query to auto-complete it. You now get suggestions bas…

Charudatta Mundale
Updated 2 years ago by Charudatta Mundale

Display Names in the Search Guide

Search Guide now uses the display names instead of original column names wherever available. To add display names to the original column names: In the left navigation menu, click the Data icon. Click…

Mrunal Deshpande
Updated 1 year ago by Mrunal Deshpande

Guided Search

Guided Search helps you to build your search query and provides you the end result either in text or chart format. When you type your search query, the Guided search automatically provides you the ne…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 2 years ago by Hardik Chheda

Guided Search Syntax and Attributes

Syntax is always challenging, but we have made modifications to make Tellius as easy as possible to use. Tellius uses the structure below: Search attributes. In a guided search, Tellius provides the…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 1 year ago by Hardik Chheda