Adding the chart to a Vizpad

Hardik Chheda Updated by Hardik Chheda

When you search for the information by specifying your question or a query, the Search page in Tellius displays the appropriate information in the form of a chart or table.

You can further add this chart on a Vizpad so that you can regularly access it with updated data but without remembering the query.

  1. On the Search page, click the Add to Vizpad.
    The Add to Vizpad dialog box appears with the list of available Vizpads.
  2. Select the Vizpad on which you want to add the chart.
    If you do not find your Vizpad in the list, you can either search for it or create a new Vizpad.
    • In the Search field, enter your Vizpad name.
      The vizpads list is updated with your matching search text.
    • Click the Create New button to create a new Vizpad.
      The new Vizpad is added in the list
  3. Click the Add button.
    The chart is added to your Vizpad. You can access the Vizpad page and verify that the chart is added to the Vizpad.

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