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When you create a new business view, Tellius opens the dataset preview page.

The preview page is highly interactive and user friendly to transform your dataset into valuable transformation.

On this dataset preview page, you can view the following sections:

Callout No.

Component Name


Dataset Canvas

The canvas to add the dataset and prepare the data model for your business view.

Dataset List

The list of datasets currently available in the business view.

From the list, you click the dataset to preview the records (6) of the dataset.

Also, you can click the arrow in the dataset bar to add that dataset to the canvas.

In the Search field, enter the dataset name that you want to search in the list.

Selected Datasets

The list of datasets added to the canvas to prepare the data model.

Click the cross icon in the dataset bar to remove the dataset from the selected list.

Datasets panel

The dataset panels for the added dataset.

Selected Dataset Panel

The currently selected dataset panel.

Once you click the dataset panel, you can preview the records (6) of the dataset.

Dataset records table

The table displaying the records of the selected dataset (5).

Actions Bar

The actions bar providing tools to perform various operations on the Dataset Canvas (1).

When you are using the large number of datasets and doing joins, you might need to rearrange the canvas or move the dataset panels. To keep the them organized, you can use the tools from the action bar.

The Actions bar provides the following options:

  • Zoom To Fit: Zoom the canvas to fit all dataset panels according to the screen resolutions.
  • Zoom To Center: Zoom the canvas to fit all dataset panels at the center of the canvas.
  • Zoom Out: Zooms out the canvas to make all dataset panels visible.
  • Zoom In: Zooms in to set the focus to specific dataset panels.

Guiding Arrows

Use the arrows to move the dataset panels across the canvas.

You can move UP, DOWN, and LEFT, RIGHT.

Business View Name

The name of the business view.

Click the business view name and rename it if required.

Publish/ Cancel Business View

Buttons to publish the business view or cancel the business view creation operation.

The canvas is the area where you can add one or more datasets

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