Configure Tellius on Okta

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Okta can be used as an identity provider for Tellius by creating an Application on the Okta dashboard and configuring the appropriate details of Tellius.

Follow the steps described below to add a new application in Okta and download the configuration XML file.

  1. In the Okta dashboard, Click on Add application and select Create New App
  2. Select Web from the dropdown and choose SAML 2.0 and Create
  3. Provide the App name and click Next
  4. Set the Single Sign-on URL and the Audience URI.
    Single Sign-on URL - https://<TELLIUS_URL>/sso/sp/consume/idp1
    Audience URI - tellius  (should always be tellius)
    Default RelayState - /saml_callback
  5. Set the mandatory attributes firstName, lastName, email to the appropriate Okta attributes
  6. Configure Okta settings to an Internal app and click Finish
  7. In the final screen, Click on View Setup instructions. It will open a new tab which in the end has the SAML XML file in the below format
  8. Download the file.
  9. Follow the instruction to configure Tellius to use Okta for authentication.

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Configure SAML on Tellius