Release 3.3

We are excited and pleased to announce the Tellius 3.3 release. The first release of the year brings you several key enhancements that make insights generation and getting answers to your business questions as easy as ever. Read more below!

Percent Change in Search

Search is going to be even more exciting in Tellius 3.3 release. If you want to know the Absolute change or Percentage change in a metric between two time periods just search it. Tellius now supports the Change and Percentage change keywords in search with one metric and dimension. Below are some examples of Percent change in search:

  • Percentage change profit for Nike vs Levis

  • Percentage change profit for Nike in 2015 vs 2014

  • Percentage change revenue for 2016 vs 2017

More examples:

  • Revenue change for Television this month vs last month
  • Show percentage revenue change for Doritos this year vs last year

Drill Down into Insights

Now drill down further into generated insights to add/replace the dimensions in the insight. Select the dimension for which you want to drill the insight and add the column to generated insight to update the insight to show the result for drilled dimension.

Dataset cache Notification

Data caching is an integral part of In-memory computation in Tellius. Tellius make sure to Cache the data for In-memory computation. As an improvement in the User experience, Tellius will let you know when Caching is in-progress and completed. Caching will be completed Asynchronously and Tellius will send a notification when caching is completed and Business views & Datasets are available to use.

PPT Export

What if you can download the Vizpad or a chart directly to PPT? That will make working with a presentation easy, Right !! Well, In Tellius 3.3 release you can do this.

To download the Vizpad as PPT

  • Open the Vizpad
  • Click on download button in Vizpad
  • Select the PPT download option and it's done.

To download an individual chart to PPT:

  • Open the Vizpad
  • Select the Chart to download and click on the download button given in Chart
  • Select the PPT icon from the Download popup and it's done.

Elbow Method

We are extending support for Elbow Method in our Clustering capabilities. You can create the Elbow curve on a dataset by going through the following steps:

  • Click on Predict and select Create New Prediction
  • Select the POINT-N-CLICK option and select the Business View
  • Select the Clustering and Feature transformation
  • In Model Selection, select the K-Means clustering and you are good to go.

Insight Algorithm improvements

In Tellius 3.3 release, we are improving our insight generation algorithm to get better insights in the first iteration. As an improvement, now Feature importance will run on 20% of the data instead of 10% data.

Add Insights to Vizpad

Now you can add the Insights to the Vizpad. After creating the insight, click on the 'Add to Vizpad' button in insight and save the insight into the existing Vizpads or to a new Vizpad.

New List & Card View in Insight, Vizpad, Models

New updated design of tiles allows the user to tag the Favourites and accommodate 67% more Insight, Vizpad, and Models in the single page to reduce the total number of pages.

Favorite Insights, Vizpads, Model

User can tag an Insight, Vizpad, and Model as Favourite by clicking on the Favourite tag (As shown in image below) in Tile and List view. User can also Sort or Filter the Favourite Insight, Vizpad, and Models.

Increased the default number of data points

In release 3.3 default number of data points in visualizations has been increased. Now the default number of data points for the chart is as below:

Line chart, Multiple Line chart, Area chart, Growth chart, Trend chart, Combined Column chart, Combined Bar chart, Heatmap, Line Confidence Range chart, Scatter chart: 10,000

Bubble chart: 5000

Treemap, Bar chart, Column chart: 1000

Map: 1000

Pivot: 500

Cohort: 500

Waterfall chart: 100

Pie chart, Donut chart, Funnel, Table: 50

Quarter as a Date

Tellius 3.3 supporting Quarter as Date in Search. Tellius support nQYYYY and QnYYYY formats for quarterly dates.

More Ex:

1. What is total sales for 1Q2012 ?

2. What is total discount for Q32013

Note: Q1 refers to the Jan-Mar quarter i.e Actual quarter, not the Financial quarter.

Refresh time on Insights:

System will show the last refresh time for the insights to tell the user whether data is upto date or not. As shown in the image below, Insight was updated 3 Hours ago.

Spanish language support:

Spanish langauge support is another exciting feature in Tellius 3.3. Spanish is the second language after English that user can choose as the preferred language. Users can change the preferred language to Spanish by navigating to Settings -> My Profile -> Language Preference -> Spanish.

OIDC Integration:

Tellius 3.3 supports Single SignOn(SSO) through OpenID Connect(OIDC). OpenID Connect (OIDC) is an authentication protocol commonly used in consumer-facing SSO implementations. The OIDC protocol handles authentication through JSON Web Tokens and a central identity provider.

Other improvements: 

  • SQL editor has been improved in 3.3 Release. User can Run validation on code, Preview the results, Add the code to library and User experience with Code Library has also been improved.
  • Support for Top N/Bottom N filters has been added for insights created from Search.
  • Users can change the aggregation type for KPIs in Trend Drivers/Comparison Insights.

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