Subscribing and Launching On Demand

To subscribe to Tellius on demand, follow the instructions below. You can also receive private, discounted offers from Tellius for term contracts via this listing. To discuss a private offer, please reach out to your sales representative or

  1. Navigate to the Tellius hourly listing on AWS Marketplace
  2. Click the Continue to Subscribe Button
  3. Accept the Tellius EULA by clicking Accept Terms
  4. Tellius is now added to your software products in AWS. To continue to launch, click Continue to Configuration
  5. Select your desired delivery region and then click Continue to Launch.
  6. From the launch screen, you can choose to launch from the website (recommended) or launching directly through EC2. You can also choose the instance type for Tellius - for sizing guidelines for AWS, see the article on AWS Sizing. Finally, you can choose your VPC, subnet, security group and key pair settings if so desired.
    Make sure that your VPC settings include the appropriate DNS (public DNS if you want to use outside of your AWS virtual private cloud). We recommend using the Tellius-recommended security group settings by hitting Create New Based on User Settings.
    After you've chosen your desired settings, hit Launch.
  1. The default admin ID is telliusadmin and default password is the instanceID of the EC2 instance. To access the Tellius AMI instance you have created, determine the Public DNS for the instance and navigate to it via Web Browser. Once you see the login prompt, log in with the telliusadmin account and credentials.
  2. The Tellius team would need SSH access to the instance to provide upgrades. You can provide the username and password of the SSH user or provide the SSH PEM key which was used to configure the instance. Also, to SSH into the server, port 22 should be whitelisted to be accessible from open internet or a static IP that can be provided by Tellius.

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