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Tellius provides you to use SQL option to: 

  • Cleanse your data of invalid, missing, or inaccurate values
  • Modified your dataset according to your business goals and analysis
  • Enhanced your dataset as needed with data from other datasets

Following are some of the examples to help you get started: 

SELECT * FROM cars_prices where trim like ‘Sed%’;
cars_price from mysql
SELECT price, country, sales, person, product, segment, account, gender FROM retail 
  1. On the dataset Edit page, click the Sql icon.
  2. On the SQL Code page, enter the SQL query that you want to test or select from the code library and validate.
  3. Click the Run Validate button.
    Tellius validates the entered query and displays the appropriate message.
  4. Click the Apply button to apply the SQL query to the dataset.

SQL and Python Code validation

SQL and Python editors are enhanced with Validation of code as an additional feature. With this feature, you can check the code and also correct it. You can edit and update the old code also.

SQL Code Validation

  1. Click Data -> Prepare
  2. Click the Edit button. The edit option icons are displayed.
  3. Click the SQL icon. The SQL code window is displayed.
  4. Select code sample from Code Library or write your code snippet.
  5. Click Edit -> Run Validation
  6. When the validation is in process, the Running Validation message is displayed.

  1. If the code is correct, the validation result is shown as tick mark, along with a Successfully Validated message displayed at the top. The correct code can also be updated in the code library. 
  1. If the code is incorrect, an error message is displayed along with the incorrect code

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