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On the data Transform page, you can create complex filter conditions to filter the entire data in the table.

Using Advanced Filters, you can add filter conditions on multiple fields and join these filters with AND and OR expressions.

Note: When you apply the advanced filter to your dataset, you can view the data that matches the filter conditions. However, you can reset this filter by clicking the Reset button in the Advanced Filters dialog box and view the entire data from the dataset.
  1. On the dataset Edit page, click the Advanced Filters icon.
  2. On the Advanced Filters page, add one or more filter conditions.
  3. Click the Filter column field and select the field from the dataset on which you want to apply the filter condition.
  4. Click the Filter Action field and select the filter condition.
  5. In the Value field enter the unique value for the selected filter column.
    The Value field is visible only for the specific filter action.
  6. Click the AND/ OR operator to join multiple filter conditions.
  7. Click the Filter button to apply the selected filters.

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