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In Tellius, display name is a concept that allows business users to add business names for their fields in the datasets and Business Views. This is the preferred method of changing the names for fields (as opposed to renaming columns) as it assures that there is no disruption in terms of refreshing the data.

Get Started: Prepare Data

Once the users select the dataset they want to work on, they land on the Prepare screen. In the Data View, the user can select a column and the Column Metadata Menu comes up and offers the Display Name option below.

Set the Desired Display name as desired and "Submit".

Note: Tellius is including a Warning note when users attempt to use the "Rename" feature. Due to the complications introduced when the raw column name is changed in data refresh, we recommend that users use the Display Name feature instead of renaming columns.

Publish the Business View

Once your dataset is ready, users can add the dataset to a Business View. In the Data View of the Business View, users can see that the new Display Name is rendered. One important feature of the Business View is that it allows the business users to interact further with the Display Name. Users have the ability to change the Display Name and republish in the Business View. Hence if a dataset is refreshed, the Display Name edited in the Business View will be the one that persists.

Display Names Across the Platform

Once users set up Display Names for the columns they will be pervasive across the experience

Search: The users can use the Display Names in the queries. The Display Names will also appear in the Visualization, as well as in the Configuration and BV variable panels.

Discover: When users create Insights or view the results from the Insights, the Display Names will be presented for the columns.

Explore: When interacting with the Vizpads, Display Names will be presented for the columns in Legends, Axis Titles, Configuration, and BV variable panels.

Predict: When interacting with the Predict module, Display Names will be presented for the point-and-click variable selection sections as well as the results exploration sections.

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