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On the Dataset page, you can view the list of data sets that you have added. you can create a copy of the data set.

You can create a copy in any of the following ways:

  • Copy the dataset in the memory
  • Link the dataset to the original source
  • Save the copy of the dataset on the server
  1. In the left navigation bar, click the Data icon.
  2. Click the Dataset tab.
    The Dataset page displays the list of datasets created in Tellius.
  3. For a dataset, click the Options icon and select Make a copy.
    The Make a copy dialog box opens.
  4. (Optional) Clear the Cache dataset in memory check box if you do not want to copy the dataset to the memory.
  5. Select Link to link the new dataset is linked to the original data. OR
  6. Select Save to save the dataset to the server.
  7. Select Count or Ratio option and specify the value.
    The value indicates the count or records or the ratio of records from the dataset that you want to copy.
  8. In the text field, enter a unique name of the copied data set.
  9. Click the Submit button.
    The copy of the data set is added to the Dataset page.

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