Insights (create page)

Charudatta Mundale Updated by Charudatta Mundale

Discovering deeper insights about data is always interesting.

Although Tellius provides various methods to create insight discoveries, the Discover feature explicitly provides an option to generate hidden insights for data segments, trends, patterns, etc.

In the left navigation bar, click the Discover icon to view the Insights page.

On the Insights page, you can view the panels for the Insights already created. You can also find the panel for creating a new insight.

Click the Create New Insights button to start the insight creation process.

Select the Type of Insights to be created.

On the Comparison page, enter appropriate values in the fields.

Select the features you want to customize the Insights. Click Create to generate the comparison insights.

Insights Description made user friendly

The Insights described are less technical and more user-friendly. The description is focused to make the insight's result easy to understand. Instances of redundant information are removed, enabling you to take action on the findings.

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