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Signatures are the Logical expressions based on field values from a dataset. You can use these functions to visualize your data with certain calculations.

You can do all these function changes within the solution and you have an option to either save the new datset in memory or DB.

You can get started by creating row based calculations using the data you imported in Tellius. Here is an example to get started.

if age < 20 then “youth” elseif ( age < 25) then “teenage” else “adult”

You can create signatures within the solution and you have an option to either save the new dataset in memory or database.

  1. On the dataset Edit page, click the Functions icon and select Signatures.
  2. On the Signatures page:
    1. Select an existing signature.
      1. Click the Select Signature field and select an existing signature.
        The text field displays the logical expression function associated with the signature.
      2. (Optional) Make the changes in the expression.
    2. Click the New tab to create a new signature.
      1. In the text field, enter the new expression.
        Refer the examples given in the dialog box.
  3. In the Name of Signature field, enter the new name for the signature.
  4. Click the Save button to save the changes in the signature or click the Save & Apply button to save the signature and also apply that signature to the dataset.

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