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Swapping Business View of charts

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In Vizpads, users can now swap the underlying Business View of a chart to another required Business View, retaining the same chart and configurations. This would be extremely useful when users need to apply the same visualization to different datasets containing similar columns. For instance, you could swiftly switch a revenue chart from a 2022 dataset to a 2023 dataset, maintaining all existing configurations, and thus enhancing the adaptability and efficiency of charts.

Swapping Business View

  1. Go to the required Vizpad from Explore tab and click on the Edit button.
  2. Select the chart for which you want to swap the Business View.
  3. In the right configuration pane, the current Business View used for the chart will be highlighted.
  4. Click on the three-dot kebab menu and select Swap.
  1. The Swap Business View window will be displayed.
  1. The window consists of the following fields:
  • Original Business View - The field is autofilled with the current Business View being used.
  • New Business View - From the list of available Business View, search and choose the required Business View to be replaced with. The required Business View can be searched.
  • Apply only to the current tab - Click on this checkbox to apply the swapping only to the charts in the current tab. If left unchecked, swapping will be applied to the charts in all the tabs.
  1. Tellius will validate the two Business Views and display if there are any discrepancies between the two Business Views.
  • Missing columns - The inconsistent columns between the two Business Views
  • Wrong data types - The inconsistent data types (for example, if a column is measure and another column is dimension) between the two Business Views
  1. The inconsistencies between the two Business Views can be downloaded in the form of CSV file. Click on the download arrow button at the top right corner.
  1. If the Business Views match with similar columns and data types, then the validation message will be displayed to proceed further.

Applying swap only to the current Vizpad

  • Click on Apply only to the current Vizpad if you want the swapping to happen to all the tabs in the current Vizpad.
  • Click on Apply only to the current tab if you want the swapping to happen only to the current tab.
  • Click on Apply to apply swapping, or click on Cancel to dismiss the window.
  • If the swapping has been done successfully, the following message will be displayed at the bottom.

Applying swap to multiple objects

  • Click on Select objects and the following window will be displayed.
  • The list of objects that use the Business Views in Original Business View field will be displayed.
  • Search for the required object in the search bar below Please select the objects for which the swap needs to be applied.
  • Click on the checkbox to select the object (it could be a Vizpad, Insight, or Model).
  • Click on Apply to set up the swapping or click on Cancel to dismiss.
  • Please note that after clicking on "Apply", the swapping of Business Views will be configured, but will not be effective immediately. As soon as the swapping has been configured, the following banner will be displayed at the top to users with edit access.
  1. Click on Swap Now to apply the swapping immediately.
    1. The following window appears for confirmation. Click on OK to proceed, or Cancel to dismiss the swapping.
    Please note that once swapped, the swap operation cannot be undone. However, the swapped Business View of any object can be swapped again in the future, if required.
    1. If the swapping has been done successfully, the following message will be displayed at the bottom.
  2. Click on Remind Later to dismiss the swapping for now and get reminded when you visit the same object again.
  3. When users visit an object for which swapping has been set up (and/or configured to "Remind later"), the following message will be displayed.
  4. Click on Cancel Swap to cancel the configured swapping operation.
The message will be displayed only to users with edit access, allowing them to confirm whether they want to proceed with the swap immediately, swap at a later time, or cancel the swapping process.
Once the swapping has been executed, it's not necessary to save the Vizpad to preserve the changes.

  • For any object, one Business View swap operation must be completed before initiating another Business View swap.
  • If you try to initiate another swapping operation, the following message will be displayed.

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