Insights (Discovery)

Insights is an option by which you can generate the insights for your analysis chart.

When you click the Insights, Tellius starts the insight discovery process and displays the insight after completing it.

Insights triggered from Search option

You can now trigger new insights from the search option very easily. This functionality makes the process of creating insights faster, because now you do not need to switch to Insight option or remember the context of search details. In fact, you will get suggestions for Insights based on the search option.

Drill down into insights

You can use the Drill option to add/replace or change the parameter of the generated Insights. Select the dimension of the Insight for which you want to drill. Change the dimension and the updated Insight will be generated accordingly.

To use the Drill option,

  1. Go to Insights and select the required Insight.
  2. Right-click one of the parameters of the bar chart to view Drill.

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