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Tellius provides a user-friendly web-based interface, making it easy to navigate around Tellius.

The following screen is the home page of the Tellius interface that displays the navigation bar, the dashboard, the search bar, and different panels for projects, vizpads, insights, and models.

Tellius home page

On the left side of the screen, that navigation bar appears with an expand/collapse arrow to toggle between the menu icons and menu names and icons.

The navigation bar provides buttons for various options, such as Search, Dashboards, Insights, Predict Models, Projects, Data / Business Views, Notifications, and User Icon. You can click these buttons to navigate to the respective page.

Depending on the level of access given by your administrator, you will be able to navigate through the features.

Walkthrough Guides

When visiting major modules, the user will be provided with quick popup guides to help navigate through the interface.

There are walkthroughs for Home (overview), Business Views, Connect and Search.

Overview Videos

The Help page displays the Product Videos panel with the list of overview videos and product videos to get started with Tellius.

You can use these videos to learn how to search, gain insights and build machine models on Tellius. These videos also help bridging the gap of what users can achieve on Tellius with their data.

Try with your Dataset

Shortcut to help you create and load a new dataset or new data source with a click of a button on the home screen.

Most of your questions can be answered through Search. On the Search page, you can either select your business view and then start typing your search query or just start typing the search query, and Tellius will automatically populate suggestions depending on your prompted search.

Search guide

The Search page provides a link to navigate to the Search Guide page. You can use the search guide as a reference or click on the sample questions to discover your data. The questions are organizes based on specific categories that can best serve your analysis.


Conduct visual exploration analysis and build combine multiple viz's into effective dashboards. Access all vizpads you've created or those shared with you from other members of the organization or teams.


Discover deeper level questions and future recommendations to best value your business goals. Access all insights you've created or those shared with you from other members of the organization or teams.


Look into the future, build models in easy via AutoML or Point-n-Click based on your current trends and data. Access all models you've created or those shared with you from other members of the organization or teams.


Your personal assistant through a chatbot. The helper you need to get your analysis done along by your side. The assistant will provide suggestions and recommendations based on the context of the chat.


Automatic tracking of your important KPIs directly at your fingertips without asking further questions. Monitoring the relevant metrics that matter to you and your business.


Access all information, projects (organized folders) based on content separation. Projects are also known as data insights application.


All your data options will be in this module, from connecting to data sources, uploading data to building business views, and scheduling data flow. Remember, the actions available are dependent on the access level given by your administrator.


Displays the current status of the recently executed jobs. Each notification includes information, such as the date, time of when the job has started, the status of whether the job is successful or failed, and view job options.

User Icon

Indicates the current user account logged onto Tellius. It contains profile setting options. The administrator users have various other viewing and advanced setting options to assign a role to specific users.

Quick Start

By clicking the Quick Start button on the Tellius home page, users will complete a workflow where they explicitly define the Business Views to be used, the dimensions, measures, time resolutions, filters, types of questions they are interested in.

Mark Insights, Vizapads, Model as Favorite

You can tag an Insight, Vizpad, and Model as Favorite by clicking on the Favorite tag in Tile and List view.

The tag is highlighted in red when selected.

Sort/Filter Favourite Insights, Vizpads, and Models

You can also Sort or Filter the Favorite Insight, Vizpad, and Models. To sort or filter, select the option from the drop-down list.

Enhanced filtering experience

In addition to the existing scroll bar in dropdown menus, Tellius has included a search bar in places of dropdown for easier and faster selection of the required component.

If you need to pick an option, a dropdown appears where you can find a search bar with the text Select or Start Typing.

  1. Click on the search bar and start typing the required content.
  2. According to the input, the appropriate options will be displayed under the search bar.
  3. If you’re choosing a column, you can find icons representing Date/time dimensions, Dimensions, and Measures, as shown below. 
Filtering different types of columns in a business view
  1. The icons enable you to display only the required column types. Click on the required icon(s) to select/deselect.
  2. The search bar has been included in the following places across Tellius:
  • Search tab - The list of available Business Views
  • Explore tab
    • The list of columns under Add filter when you apply global filters for a Vizpad.
    • The list of columns under Filter when you apply local filters for a chart.
    • The list of columns displayed under Settings → Configuration panel for the selected measure. 
    • The list of Projects is displayed when you save a newly created Vizpad.
  • Discover tab
    • During the selection of measures, dimensions, date columns, cohort columns, and cohort values (after selecting the type of Insight).
    • The list of Projects is displayed when you save a newly created Insight.
  • During the selection of a Business View before creating any Vizpad/Insight/Model/Project.
Including search bars in places of dropdown for quick selection
Including search bars in places of dropdown for quick selection

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