Selecting Business View

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  1. From Search tab, click on All button to choose the required Business View.
  1. The available Business Views for your account will be displayed in the dropdown. Select the required Business View.
  2. When a search query is being typed, the columns present in the corresponding Business View will be displayed in the right pane, organized under Group View and Table View. It helps you to be informed of the columns in a Business View and create search queries accordingly.
List of columns in a business view
  1. The columns could be searched using the Search bar below the Business View name.
  2. Once a query is successfully executed, the same details will be pinned next to the Search Inspector.Ā 
Display of columns in a business view
  1. Click on the arrow next to the Business View name to hide the panel. Click on the Business View icon in the right pane to view the columns.
Ability to show/hide business views
Search supports up to 10,000 unique filter values per column. To update the limits, please reach out to your Customer Success team.

Auto-selection of Business View (SmartSelect)

From 4.3.1, users may not select the relevant Business View as a first step to execute a query. SmartSelect eliminates the need to select a Business View before querying. It intuitively identifies the best-fit Business View based on your query's context, streamlining the search process.

SmartSelect in Tellius revolutionizes the way you interact with data, offering a seamless and intuitive search experience. Here's an in-depth look at its features:

  1. Entity extraction: It identifies crucial elements like column names and values in your query, ensuring focused and relevant search results.
  2. Intent classification: Tellius determines whether you're looking for a chart or an insight, customizing the results to fit your query's purpose.
  3. Business View shortlisting: SmartSelect scans all accessible Business Views to find the most relevant ones for your query, removing the need for manual selection.
  4. Intelligent scoring algorithm: It evaluates every potential Business View and ranks them based on their relevance to your query, ensuring the most suitable Business View is used for your search.
  5. Auto correction: Automatically corrects typos in your query, ensuring accuracy in the search results.
  6. Smart chart logic: Recommends the most appropriate chart type based on your data.
  7. TQL generation: Translates your query into Tellius Query Language for efficient processing.
  8. Chart rendering: Visualizes your search results for easy interpretation.

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