Segment Drivers

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Segment Drivers analyze changes in a particular feature throughout different areas of the data.

Tellius identifies these segments by analyzing the data for a change in behavior pattern in the selected feature vs other features.

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When you select a segment, Tellius displays the selected feature performance in that specific segment for the applied filter conditions.

Segment Information

The Insight page displays the Discoveries and Drivers tabs.

The Discoveries tab displays the anomalies and correlations in the data set, whereas the Drivers tab displays the insight details for various drivers that drive the changes.

When you are on the Drivers tab, you can click the Info icon in the right panel and view the information about the selected Segment.

The Segment Info panel displays the list of features that were considered for your insights and will mention the total data points analyzed, along with the total time it took to process and find your insights. 

Key Drivers

The Key Drivers area displays information about the percentage of top factors in the data that affect the selected feature.

Top Recommendations

Here you can view the top-recommended segments of the data, depending on your feature selection. Based on the current Insight Configuration, Tellius displays multiple sets of recommendations. In High number of recommendations, segments are discovered by including as many columns as possible in order to provide very specific Insight. In Low number of recommendations, we include only the top columns that can provide meaningful Insight.

The segments are ranked in ascending order according to the percent by which they drive the insight.

For each segment, you can explore more specific details, as shown below.

Explore Segment

In the high recommended segments section, each Segment thumbnail provides the Explore Segment button. You can click the button to explore the segment further and gain more insights.

On the Explore Segment page, you can change the chart type to view the segment details in different forms.

You can also find the other options:

  • View the raw data
    • Click the Raw Data button to view the raw data in a tabular format.
  • Apply the smart insights to the business view.
    • Click the Smart Insights button to select the business view and apply the insight.
  • Add the segment to the Vizpad.
    • Click the Add To Vizpad button to select the Vizpad or create a new Vizpad.

Overall Limitations

  • Segment Target cannot be calculated columns due to aggregation as part of a segment. What this means is that a calculated column is a measure that is already aggregated and to use it as a segment target variable would not make sense as it is just a single aggregated value.
  • Row level calculation will not be considered for Feature Importance.

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