Year-over-Year Functionality in Vizpad

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Year-over-Year (YoY) compares data from one time period with the data from a similar time period in the previous year. Users can analyze the results as either Growth Percentage, Difference in values, or Actual values between the current & previous time period.

Support for year-over-year has been added to Search as well as Vizpads.

Vizpad has a new chart that supports year-over-year functionality: 

  1. In the Explore tab, click on an existing Vizpad or click Create New Vizpad where you want to add a Year-over-Year chart.
  1. Select Add Chart option to add a new chart to the Vizpad. Under Add Advanced Analytics, select the Year over year chart type.
  1. You can now add a measure and a date column from your selected Business View to the Chart Configuration panel.

Once the fields are added, a chart is created.

  1. From the Resolution drop-down list, you can change the date resolution to quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily date grains.
  2. From the Default View Mode drop-down list, you can change the calculation from Growth percentage to Difference or Actuals. In consumption mode, the user can switch between these formats from the dropdown menu in the chart.
Note: The tooltip provides all three values - Growth %, Difference, and Actuals.

In the example above, the tooltip show revenue values for 2019 Q2, 2018 Q2, the difference between the two values, and the growth percentage.

Note: If there are no data points available for a particular date grain, no calculation or change will be shown in your chart.

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