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join is an operation that you perform to establish a connection between two or more datasets added to the business view.

When you join the dataset, you specify the matching columns to create a relationship between the datasets.

The Join option in Tellius is quite simple. You need to click the mouse in one of the dataset panel and drag the mouse to another dataset panel. After that specify the matching columns.

  1. On the Business View page, add the dataset that you want to use and join together.
  2. Click the datasets panel to view the records from the dataset.
  3. In the source dataset, click the mouse and drag it to the destination dataset.
    Once you leave the mouse pointer in the destination dataset pane, the Connect Dataset dialog box appears.
  4. Click the button for the type of join you want to create.
    • Inner Join: Creates a new result dataset by combining column values of two dataset (left & right) based upon the join-predicate. The query compares each row of left dataset with each row of right dataset to find all pairs of rows which satisfy the join-predicate.
    • Outer Join: Creates a new result dataset by combining column values of two dataset (left & right) based upon the join-predicate. If a row from the left dataset (for a left join) does not join with any rows from the right hand dataset, it is preserved in the result with NULL values for the right hand columns.
    • Left Outer: A left outer join returns all the values from an inner join plus all values in the left dataset that do not match to the right dataset, including rows with NULL (empty) values in the link column.
    • Right Outer: The form of Outer Join that returns each and every record from the source dataset and returns only those values from the target dataset that fulfil the Join condition.
  5. Click in the When Column field and select the source column.
  6. Click in the Column field and select the target column.
  7. (Optional) Click the New Column link to add additional columns for joining.
  8. Click Connect to complete the join.
    Note: The Connect button is enabled only when you select appropriate columns that Tellius can connect with each other based on the selected join option.
    Check the connecting line between two datasets.
  • The connecting dots on the dataset panels confirms that the dataset successfully joined.
  • The number indicates the number of columns connected.

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