Configure Datasets (Measure/Dimensions)

Hardik Chheda Updated by Hardik Chheda

After loading the new dataset, Tellius displays the Measures and Dimensions dialog box to configure the primary date column, measures, and dimensions for your dataset.

  1. Click the Primary Data Column and change the column if required. The primary data column is used as the default field for queries and vizpads in Tellius.
  2. Click the Geospatial Grouping Name field, and enter the group name. The group name is used to pair the latitude and longitude into pseudo variable.
  3. Click the Latitude and Longitude fields and select the appropriate columns.
  4. From the Dimensions list, move the columns to Measures list.
    Move the cursor on the list items and move the items that shows Move -> link.
  5. Click Load to complete the configuration and load the dataset.

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