Configuration for time/date-related results

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The chart results for time/date-based queries can be configured as required.

  1. Click on the user icon in the bottom left corner, Settings → Application Settings → Time Configuration.
  2. First day of week: Select the day that needs to be set up as the beginning of the week for time-based chart results.
  3. Weekend date configuration: Enabling this option will display actual weekend dates for week-based filters (instead of Weekend #1, Weekend #2 etc.). It can be changed as desired from the Vizpad chart screen as well.
Changing weekly aggregation from Vizpads
  1. Time slices reference point: Enabling this option will refer to the current system date for “today” date.
Tellius usually considers the max date in a dataset and produces results accordingly. Please note that switching to the current system date might cause errors if the data is not regularly updated.
  1. Include current time: Enabling this option will include the current day/date for queries involving last N days/weeks/months/years/quarters. For example, if the user searches for profit gained in the last 7 days, and if this option is enabled, then the current day will also be considered for the 7-days timeframe.

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