Configure SAML on Tellius

  • Tellius supports SAML IdP systems. When Tellius is setup with organization SAML, all users will be authenticated using the SAML system and all the users will be auto imported on the first sign-in.
  • Companies use different Identity Providers (Okta or OneLogin) to coordinate with SAML. For clarifications during setup, contact your internal SAML team, or reach out to Tellius Support.
  • Tellius requires SAML 2.0

Setting up Tellius on your Identity provider


  • The IdP metadata XML file which contains the IdP certificate, the entity ID, the redirect URL, and the logout URL, for example, Sample_SAML.xml. Steps to configure Tellius in the different identity providers and get the metadata XML file is described in the above section.

Configure SAML on Tellius

  1. Go to, Tellius Settings page, Authentication tab
  2. In the dropdown, Select SAML
  3. Drop the metadata XML or Click on browse and select the metadata XML to upload the file. Click on Save and then Confirm to set the SAML authentication for Tellius
  4. Once the configuration is complete users visiting the Tellius will be shown the login page, clicking on Login will redirect them to the Identity provider login screen
  5. On successful login through the IdP provider login, the user will be redirected back to Tellius with the user logged in.
    1. If the user is logging in for the first time, the associated user within Tellius will be created and then logged in
    2. If the user already exists for the configured username, they will be logged in into Tellius with that user.

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