Business View

In an organization, it is a very important requirement for business leaders to be able to extract the business value from the varied data sources used externally and internally across the organization.

So, business users are looking for options to connect their valuable business data in a structured way, get a combined view of the connected data, and then analyze the business value from that.

Business View in Tellius is the exact feature designed and developed considering all these requirements.

As the name says, the Business view is an option in Tellius where users can connect multiple data sets into a structured form and easily build a unified view.

According to the privileges given by the administrator, users can create a new business view, add available data sets, select required data and then publish the business view.

In the published business view, you can add learning and calculations. For more information, see learning and adding calculations.

Folder Structure for Dataset and Business Views

You can organize your datasets and Business views in a much better way using the new enhancement that allows you to create a new folder for user-level organization. You will be able to add the components you need in the folder so that they are easily available instead of browsing through various datasets or business views. This folder can be deleted when not required. When the folder is deleted the related datasets/business views will be moved back to the general library.

To create a new folder

  1. Click Data -> Business View
  2. Click the icon Create New Folder.
  1. Input a name for the new folder and select the Business View to which you want to add it.
  2. Click CREATE button.

The new folder is created.

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