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Seamlessly navigating to "Why" from "What"

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Starting from version 4.3 (Fall 2023), a new button "Understand Why" will be displayed alongside each change reason contributor in the "What" tab. With this, transitioning between the higher-level insights (the "what") and the underlying reasons (the "why") becomes an effortless experience.

These buttons will be available only for Trend and Comparison Insights.

Please refresh the Insights that were created before v4.3 to view the "Understand Why" button.

Upon clicking this button:

  • A comprehensive analysis will be performed to list the reasons behind each contributing factor.
  • Once the analysis is complete, a banner “The WHY analysis for the <insight-name> Insights and contributor <applied-filter> has been completed” along with the button “Show Why” will appear at the top of the screen, indicating the completion of the "WHY" analysis for the selected Insight and contributor.
  • The "Understand Why" button will then transform into a "Show Why" button, offering users two options to view the in-depth analysis:
    • Click on the "Show Why" button located next to the contributor.
    • Alternatively, click on the "Show Why" button displayed in the banner.

Seamless transition to the "Why"

Upon selecting the "Show Why" button:

  • Users will be seamlessly redirected from the "What" tab to the "Why" tab, presenting a detailed breakdown of the change reason contributors.
  • The selected contributor for which the "Why" analysis was conducted will be prominently displayed at the top as a filter pill labeled "Showing results for". This provides a clear indication of the current filter applied.
  • For users wishing to revert or remove this specific filter, a trash icon is present within the filter pill. Clicking on this icon will delete the filter, allowing for a broader analysis.
In the "What" tab,

- Factors that have already undergone the next level of drill-down analysis will display the "Show Why" button.
- Factors awaiting further exploration will be marked with the "Understand Why" button.

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