Bar Chart

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In Tellius, you can change your chart to Bar Chart by switching the chart to the Bar chart.

Bar Chart

  1. From the Vizpads page, open the Vizpad.
  2. On the Vizpad page, click the Switch Chart icon on the chart panel.
  3. In the Charts panel, select the Bar chart opton to change the chart to Bar chart.
  4. At the top-right corner, click the Edit button to change the chart configurations and change the measures and dimensions.

    Bars Verticle

    Bars Horizontal

    Bars Verticle Stacked

    To view the bars verticle stacked, add the required field to the Stacked panel from the Business View panel.

    Bars Stacked Horizontal

  5. From the Business View panel, drag the fields to the Measure and Dimension fields.
    For more information about chart configuration, see Create Visualization Chart and Configure Chart Panel.

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