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Edit, save, and share a Vizpad

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Editing a Vizpad

actionType: "enableEditModeForWindowComm"
}, "*");

The default Cancel button will be removed when the above actionType is applied.

Saving a Vizpad

To save a Vizpad to an existing project,

actionType: "saveVizpadForWindowComm"
}, "*");

When you save the Vizpad using the actionType saveVizpadForWindowComm, the Vizpad will not change its state to View mode. It will still be retained in the Edit mode unless a postMessage is sent requesting to enter View mode.

On successful saving of a Vizpad, you will be notified with a message in the top banner. In addition, a message with the actionType VIZPAD_SAVED will be sent to the embedding app. If a Vizpad is not saved, then the message with the actionType VIZPAD_SAVED_FAILED will be sent from Tellius.

Sharing a Vizpad

"sharedWithId": "ID_of_the_user_to_be_shared",
"objectId": "ID_of_the_object",
"objectKind": "vizPad",
"permission": "w",// it can be ‘w’ or ‘r’
"sharedWithKind": "user", // it can be ‘user’ or ‘group’
}, "*");

  • The value of the field permission can be set to "w" for write permissions, or to "r" for read-only permissions.
  • The value of the field sharedWithKind can be "user" or "group" as required.

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