How to Attach additional EBS volumes for Backup

EBS snapshot and restore for on-premise deployment (Public Cloud AWS)

Scenario: Deploy tellius on-premise in one of the AWS EC2 instances. Attach additional EBS volume which will be used as data_drive (For storing Tellius application data) and mount it persistently under/Tellius directory.

Steps to perform EBS snapshot:

  1. Login to AWS console -->EC2 service --> Volumes
  2. Search by Volume ID for attached secondary volume onto AWS instance.
  3. Click on actions --> Create snapshot (With a meaningful description)
  4. Verify the Status of EBS snapshot

Steps for EBS snapshot restore:

  1. Once EBS snapshot is in the available state, we have to create a new EBS volume from the snapshot.( Actions --> Create Volume )NOTE: Make sure to choose the right availability zone while creating volume from snapshot.
  1. 2. Once new volume is in available state we need to attach it to AWS instance actions --> Attach volume

For instance: Type the Instance Name or Instance ID of AWS.

For Device: ( type /dev/sdb ) Assuming this is secondary volume for the instance.

  1. Login to AWS instance to mount new volume

Command: mount /dev/< new-volume-name > /tellius

  1. Login into spark-restserver pod and delete hive directory.

PATH: /tmp/hive

  1. Restart spark-restserver pod

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