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Chat with me is the section in Tellius from which you can open the Chat Assistant.

In this Chat Assistant, you can perform the following:

  • Search the help topics for the information
  • Connect with the support engineer and interact with them for specific information
  • Access the Tellius Blog for recent updates in Tellius
  1. In the left navigation bar, click the Help icon.
    The How can we help you? page opens.
  1. Click the Chat with me panel.
    The Chat Assistant window opens.

Search Help Topics

  1. In the Chat Assistant window, click in the Search for articles field and enter the topic name that you want search.
    The list of topic appears for your search string.
    1. Click the topic to open it and view the information.

Initiate New Conversation

  1. In the Start a conversation panel, click the New conversation button to initiate the new conversation.
    1. In the Send a message field, enter your message and press Enter.
      In the message field, you can add GIF image, emoticons, or even attach any file.
      The available support person connects with you for further interaction.

Access Tellius Blogs

  1. In the Chat Assistant window, click the Blog panel to access the blogs in Tellius.
    You will be navigated to Tellius blogs page:

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