Creating Interactive Content

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This topic explains how you can create your interactive Vizpad in Tellius.

While creating a Vizpad, you can select business view, add and organize your interactive content, like charts, filters, text, images, and so on and then save your vizpad. While saving your Vizpad,

While saving your Vizpad, you need to choose the project in which you want to save your Vizpad.

  1. Select a business view for the Vizpad
    1. In the left pane, click the Explore icon ().
    2. On the Vizpads container page, click the Create New Vizpad icon.
    3. From the business view list, select the business view for your Vizpad.
      The Vizpad page appears in edit mode.
  2. Add Tabs to organize your charts.
    In your Vizpad, you can add Microsoft Excel like tabs to organize your charts. You can add new tabs, remove existing tabs, and also navigate among the tabs.
  3. Check the business View details for your Vizpad.
    In your Vizpad in the edit mode, you can view the field level details of the selected business view.
    1. In the right pane, click the Business View icon ().
      The Business View panel appears with the list of fields and filters.
  4. Add required charts to the Vizpad.
    You can add charts to different tabs added to the Vizpage.
    For more information, see Create Visualization Charts.
  5. Save your Vizpad.
    1. In the top-right corner of the page, click the Save button.
      The project panel appears.
    2. Select the project in which you want to save your Vizpad.
      The Vizpad is saved and a new Vizpad panel is added to the Vizpad container page.

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