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Tellius Assistant

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We are increasingly using personal assistants on our phones to accomplish various tasks through natural conversations. Similarly, you can get answers to your business-related questions via Tellius Assistant.

Using Tellius Assistant, you can communicate in natural language (similar to Google search) to get answers to complex questions. It guides you by building suitable queries for the next valid component.

  • The questions can be in text form or voice form.
  • Build up the conversation with follow-up questions and drill down to get the necessary insights.
  • Tellius Assistant proactively suggests relevant questions and filters based on the selected Business View.
  • All the multiple questions entered will be stored in the chat history.
Tellius assistant canvas

To interact with the Tellius Assistant,

  1. Click on Assistant on the left pane.
  2. The conversations happen in the right pane, and comprehensive results are displayed in the center canvas.

Voice-based search with talkback feature

Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner to do the following:

  • Enable/disable talkback (voice responses)
  • Change the voice of the assistant to male/female
Tellius Assistant settings

Once you enable the talkback feature and choose male/female voice as required, Tellius Assistant will respond to your questions in voice format. In addition to the text format responses, Tellius Assistant speaks out the responses using the text-to-speech mode.

The mic (in the rightmost corner) can be enabled, and you can ask your questions through the mic. With the help of Active Speech Recognition (ASR), Tellius Assistant interprets every word in your queries and provides suitable responses in voice and text format.

Voice-based search by Tellius Assistant

Even if you take a pause or leave the question incomplete, Tellius Assistant understands and waits for you to resume speaking. In rare cases when Tellius Assistant fails to understand your question, it suggests a list of related questions.

To receive the best experience, make sure you turn off Chrome extensions and have the latest Chrome installed.

Selecting Business View

  1. Under Tellius Assistant, you can find the name of the Business View selected.
  2. Click on the Edit icon to change the Business View from the list.
  3. The columns present in the Business View will be displayed near the Assistant to help you with the questions and to enhance the search experience.
  4. Based on the selected Business View, you can find relevant suggestions above the textbox. Scroll right-left using the arrows to view more suggestions.
Auto-selecting a Business View

Tellius Assistant now features an advanced auto-selection mechanism called SmartView Search where Assistant can intelligently select the most relevant Business View based on the context of your query. This means you no longer need to manually choose a Business View every time you interact with the Assistant.

Interacting with Tellius Assistant

  1. Select Things you can ask Tellius Assistant to view the Search Guide in the main canvas.
  2. Click on any suggested question or start typing your question to get started.
  3. As you start typing your question, Tellius suggests next valid component. Each button represents a column name or an operators (e.g., for), or a filter.
  4. Click on the required button to continue.
  5. To help you extract more information, Tellius Assistant displays a list of suitable follow-up questions after every response.
Follow-up questions by Tellius Assistant
  1. The response (chart/table/text format as applicable) will be displayed in the chat window and the elaborate results will be displayed in the center canvas.
  2. The chart acts as a Vizpad widget, which you can further drill down by clicking anywhere on the chart.
  3. Based on the context of your question, Tellius suggests sequential actions to be applied to the search query.
Tellius Assistant

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