Tellius Assistant

Hardik Chheda Updated by Hardik Chheda

In Tellius, Assistant is the feature developed to assist or help you getting information for your questions, which can simple ones or complex.

Assistant provides you an experience of getting answers by doing conversations with Tellius. You can even speak your questions and get the answers from Tellius in voice format. This is similar to talking to a human. 

With Assistant, you can immediately get the appropriate response to your questions and also the follow-up questions, if required for your question. This helps you drill down your requirements to get the exact answers.

Now a days, people more often use their phones to do all kinds of business conversations or social conversations. This conversation can be in the form of text messages, chat messages, or even voice talk. To give you the same user experience, Tellius brought the Assistant where you can do natural conversation with the application and get the right answers to your questions.

Tellius also proactively suggests you the hints and filters that are relevant to your questions. You can use these suggestions to enhance your search experience.

When you are doing conversation with Tellius, you ask many questions and get the responses for those questions. After some time, the list of questions and responses grows to an extent that you may no remember what questions you asked lastly. Assistant stores history of your conversation in a same way as you ask question and get responses.

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