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In Tellius, Vizpad provides the global settings option to perform the following:

  • Change the colors of the charts in vizpad
  • Change the gradient colors of treemap, heatmap, map, scatter, bubble, cohort in Vizpad
  • Enable the grid lines at the chart background
  • Run the queries on a limited dataset instead of the entire dataset
  1. In the left pane, click Explore to open the Vizpad page for your project.
  2. On the Vizpads page, click Open for the Vizpad that you want to refresh.
  3. On the Vizpad page, click the Global Settings icon at the top right side of the page.
  4. Click the Vizpad Color drop-down list and select the required color for the Vizpad charts.
  5. Click the Gradient Color drop-down list and select the required gradient color.
  6. Turn on the toggle for Gridlines to view the grid lines in the background of the Vizpad charts.

Processing of queries on a sample dataset

Usually, once a user chooses a chart to add to a Vizpad, the results are rendered to the entire dataset. To avoid the time-consuming overhead while processing large datasets, Tellius introduces an option using which you can query for only sample data. This results in faster iterations and makes the overall process more efficient and time-saving. The super admins can determine whether users can enable/disable sample data to run the queries.

When enabled, queries will be applied to the first 5000 rows of a dataset. Querying on sample data is recommended while dealing with Live connections and/or large datasets.
The sample data is applicable only while building the Vizpad. Once the Vizpad is saved, the results will be reflected in the entire dataset.

Processing queries on sample data in a Vizpad

When you are editing/building a Vizpad from Explore, you can find the Run queries on dropdown.

  • Select Sample data to query sample data.
  • Select Full data to query the entire dataset.

The toggle button in the Vizpad will be hidden by default. The visibility of the toggle button can be set up in Settings

To enable users to choose the required data size,

  1. Navigate to Settings → Application Settings → Vizpad.
  2. Under Editing the Vizpad, switch on the toggle for Data limitation for queries.
  3. When it’s switched on, users can choose if they want the results to be applied on a limited (Sample Data) or entire dataset (Full Data).
  4. By default, querying on Sample data will be enabled during edit mode.
Enabling sample/full data from Settings

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