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Tellius is the leading provider of an intelligent platform for enterprises. The platform is full of innovative features for Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics that provides a seamless unification of visual data intelligence, actionable insights, and advanced Machine Learning capabilities.

This platform is one of the first of its kind, the only BI assistant that serves all modern world requirements. It is highly scalable for Big Data Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Tellius enables business users to use custom predictive models to provide a strategic analytical advantage. Essentially, Tellius brings intelligent analytics to the masses.

With Assistant and Feeds, Tellius platform can act as your companion that can assist you in getting required analytics easily and also provide you with alerts when there is a change in your data source.

The platform is further enhanced by the advanced natural language and unique Guided Search options. With these capabilities, you can quickly find the answers to your questions and automatically find valuable insights about your business.

On the main interface, you can find the following options to enhance your experience when working with data.

Ask questions and get instant answers. Receive suggestions for ad-hoc questions across data sources in seconds.

For more information, see What is Natural Search?.


Provide the assistance to generate business views, perform a guided search, and search the history.

For more information, see Tellius Assistant.


Create numerous visualizations like bar charts, area charts, scatter plots, bubble charts, heat maps, radial gauges, geospatial maps, and word clouds.

For more information, see Its Vizpads!.


Find automatic insights, visualize relevant trends/anomalies, and identify KPIs with the most relevant business value.

For more information, see What are discoveries.


Create personalized predictive models, evaluate performance and apply trained models to new data using a simple guided experience.

For more information, see Summary (What is Machine Learning).


Track metrics and KPIs and receive alerts whenever there is a significant change in the metric.

For more information, see Tellius Feed.


Create a project and manage the project specific vizpads, insights, and models.

For more information, see Projects.


Connect to the data source, prepare the data sets, and generate the business views.

For more information, see Loading dataset.


Navigate to the Tellius Help page. You can use the help to understand the application features and how you can use Tellius to extract the business insights for your organization.

For more information, see Help.


View the notifications that the system generates for various jobs performed in Tellius. In each notification, you can view the current status of each job along with the date and time when the job is created.

The Notifications page separately categorizes notifications for insights, models, and data.

For more information, see Notifications.


Open another menu to view the Tellius version. Additionally, you can also perform the application settings logout from Tellius.

For more information, see User.

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