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To start creating the Point-N-Click model,

  1. On the Predict page, click the Point-N-Click button.
  2. Select the business view.
    The Create Point-N-Click page displays the type of models that you want to create.
  • Regression: Uses historical data to build models and predict attributes for example traffic, home prices, inventory etc.
  • Classification: Uses historical data / patterns to perform Classification.
  • Time series regression: Forecasting for time series data for example predicting stock prices, retail sales for next 30/60 days based on past trends
  • Clustering: Categorization into multiple clusters of data and use clusters to detect unusual patterns or similar segments of data.
  • Recommender Systems: Uses user’s past behavior (items previously purchased or ratings given to those items) to provide recommendations.
    For more information, about type of models, see List of ML Models supported.
  1. Click the required model panel.

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