OAuth Access

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Tellius exposes REST endpoint for its capabilities. This endpoint allows third party client to interact with Tellius seamlessly. 

Tellius provides the settings to create the OAuth access key for the clients. With the OAuth access key, you can share the API endpoints with the external clients.

After successfully creating a new client, Tellius generates the Client ID and a secret key. Administrator can download the client security credentials and share them with the respective client.

Application Keys

For authentication of OAuth, Tellius provides application keys as authentication mechanism. Tellius provides clientId and secret key. Using this two external application can generate needed tokens to access the capabilities of the app.


Each key can be scoped to implemented needed authorizations. These scope restricts the access to certain part of the application. The available scopes are

  • Search QL: Access to Guided Search Endpoint
  • NLP Query: Access to Natural Language Endpoint
  • Machine Learning: Access to Machine Learning Scoring Endpoint

You can share the following API endpoints with the external clients:

  • Search QL
  • NLP Query
  • Machine Learning
  • ML Training

Creating a Client

  1. In the left Navigation bar, click the Settings menu.
    The Settings page opens with different tabs.
  2. Click the OAuth Access tab.
  3. Click the Create button.
  4. In the Name of client field, enter the client name.
  5. In the Scopes field, select the API endpoints that you want to share and click the Save button.
    Tellius generates the Client ID and the Secret key.
  6. Click Download Credentials.
Note: You must save the secret key for the client as it will not be shown again once you switch to another page.

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