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Hardik Chheda Updated by Hardik Chheda

Tellius provides chart types to add special objects, like Text and Image. These objects can help you make your Vizpad presentable by adding images and text titles.

You can add the following objects and other content.


With this object, you can add an image to the Vizpad.

The image panel appears on the Vizpad.

You can click in the panel to select the image file from your system. The image is loaded in the panel.

In the list control, click the gear icon at the top-right corner to delete the loaded image.


With this object, you can add a text object to the Vizpad.

The Text panel appears on the Vizpad. This text panel contains the basic formatting options and the text area where you can enter the required text information.

Type your text that you want to add to the Vizpad and apply the available formatting to the tex.

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