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Customizing Search Guide

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To help users make the most of the search functionality, admins can customize the Search Guide. The search queries can be edited and removed to make sure it aligns with the requirements specific to each dataset. With this customization, users will get a curated list of ready-to-use search queries relevant to the new datasets they are embarking upon, thus facilitating a smooth onboarding process.

To Edit Search Guide:

  1. Log in as Admin and go to Search.
  2. In the Search Guide --> How to Search, click on any query to execute and visualize the results real-time.
  1. Click on Don’t open search guide automatically next time checkbox if you don't want the Search Guide to be displayed next time you use Search.
  2. Click on the Expand icon πŸ”½ next to How-to Search to view the syntax/format to be followed for a search query.
  1. Click on Refresh search guide to refresh the entire Search Guide with regenerated queries.
  2. Click on Edit Search Guide to edit the queries and categories.
  3. From the dropdown in the top left corner, choose the required Business View from the list. The Business Views can be sorted and searched.
  4. According to the Business View selected, the associated columns will be displayed in the right pane.

Editing queries in the Search Guide:

  1. To edit the category name, click on the pencil icon next to each category, and provide the required name.
  2. Click on the βœ”οΈ icon to save the query or click on ❌ to discard the query. Click on Apply to each BV to update the category name for all the Business Views.
  3. The icon next to each query indicates whether the query is edited by admins.
  4. To edit the query, click on the pencil icon next to each query. The suggestion for next word in the query will be provided.
  5. The results for the query will be displayed at the bottom section as you edit. Click on the βœ”οΈ icon to save the query or click on ❌ to discard the query.
  6. To regenerate the query, click on the cycle icon next to the pencil icon and a relevant query will be auto-generated.
  7. To hide a particular query, click on the eye icon situated near each query.
  8. Once all the edits have been made, click on Save changes to save the search guide or click on Cancel to discard the changes.

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