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Guided Search helps you to build your search query and provides you the end result either in text or chart format. When you type your search query, the Guided search automatically provides you the next relevant field that you need to use in your search query.

Note: The guided fields and terms are based on the fields available in the selected datasets and based on your last searches.

Let's see how Tellius guides us to build a sample query and displays the result.

Note: Guided Search requires you to follow the Guided Search syntax. See Guided Search syntax

maximum Revenue by Industry for last 2 quarters

Step 1.  Search bar, ensure that Guided button is visible

Step 2. Click in the Search bar

Step 3. Type Show

Step 4. Select maximum

Step 5. Select Revenue

Step 6. Select the logical expression by

Step 7. Select Industry

Step 8. Select the logical expression for

Step 9. Select the filter last

Step 10. Select 2 quarters

Quick overview of example:

Fig 1. All the options below are mathematical functions on Tellius search

Fig 2. List of fields or columns in the existing dataset.

Fig 3. Logical Expressions: by, for -- Filters: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly

Fig 4. List of fields in the dataset

Fig 5. List of filters and logical expressions

Fig 6. List of fields for the filter you want to use

Fig 7. List of further filters to select the days, months, or years. 

Fig 8. Chart of your query result as specified on search bar 

Notes: If you open the chart settings, you can see that campaign is set as the dimension, revenue as Measure with Max as the function. You an also select the color pallets (viz colors) as well as color coordinate your bars. 

You can change the settings or chart types as per your requirement. For more information, see Charts.

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