Multiple Datasets Scripting SQL

Multiple Datasets Scripting


Tellius Prepare section now has the ability to support SQL scripting using multiple SQL tables as input and one SQL table as output. In addition to writing code from scratch, this feature is tremendously valuable for data engineers who have already existing code they can just move and run into Tellius with minimum edits.


The scripting feature in Prepare Data allows users to engage in the following steps:

  1. Select one of the Input tables and then select Scripting from the view tab:

  1. Select all the Input Tables, Name the Output Table and Create the Script

  1. Insert the Script, Run Validation, and Create the Dataset. Note: Users can use the columns list to copy/paste the name of tables and variables in the script.

  1. View the Output table, go back and edit the script by clicking on the dataset options.

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