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Power of Natural Search within any portal

Tellius Natural Language Search interface provides the flexibility of asking any new question of your data on the fly. There is no need for any pre-created report or dashboards.

Embedded Search Experience within Tellius

  • The entire Search Interface can be embedded within any external portal or application.The embedded Search module is completely personalized as well as interactive.This includes the Search bar where users can ask questions and the sections where results are rendered in the form of a chart.The embedded charts, in turn, are interactive. User can drill-on-the-fly, filter data, change chart type and configuration.Users can use voice to perform the search as well.
  • Another flavor of Search embedding is by our Search API (SearchQL).Requests can be made to this externally available API. Results are not rendered as charts but as JSON objects.The data returned can now be used in various ways - e.g. build custom search and charting UI.For additional details on this approach, refer to Tellius External API documentation.
  • ‘Powered by Tellius’ will appear in the footer unless the platform is completely white-labeled. We will cover white-labeling as a separate section here.

Example of approach 1- Embed the entire Search page: Tellius Search embedded in Salesforce application

Instructions to embed Search

  1. Navigate to any Embed tab under the Settings menu in Tellius. Note, you need to be an admin to be able to see the Embed section.
  2. Select Search sub-tab under Embed
  3. Copy the Search Embed URL
  4. Use this URL to embed Search into any application.
  5. Security (Authentication & Authorization) will be based on the global settings setup for the Tellius Platform.So, if SSO has been setup, the users will be automatically logged into Tellius and can start searching within the third party application.Data sent to the embedded application will respect the data policies such as row-level security (if it has been setup in Tellius).

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