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The following is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for leveraging Tellius Kaia.

What is Tellius Kaia?

Kaia is a GenAI-powered virtual assistant by Tellius that elevates your data analytics. It can automate the generation and validation of SQL/Python code, create metadata, provide summaries for charts and tabs, supercharge Search, and craft comprehensive reports for your questions.

Tellius Kaia enriches the platform's already existing augmented analytics capability with GenAI to simplify your workflow, minimize labor time, and automate time-intensive, laborious tasks.

What can Tellius do?

Think of Kaia as your assistant, who does the following tasks for you:

  • Create SQL/Python code
  • Find and fix errors in code
  • Add more context to the code (with comments and explanations)
  • Generate display names, synonyms, and descriptions for columns
  • Understands acronyms, synonyms, and your lingo in your search queries
  • Provide explanatory summaries for your charts (in Vizpads and Search) and tabs (in Vizpads)
  • Create comprehensive reports for your questions, complete with KPIs and charts

How do I turn on Tellius Kaia?

  1. In your Tellius instance, click on the user icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Navigate to Settings β†’ Application Settings β†’ Kaia.
  3. Click on the toggle near Enable Tellius Kaia to turn on Kaia features on your Tellius instance.
  1. A popup window will appear requesting you to read the terms and conditions before enabling.Β 
  2. Before using Kaia, it is important to read the terms and conditions to understand the guidelines regarding the use of the service. Once you have reviewed the terms, you can click on Agree.
  3. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of GenAI-powered Tellius Kaia.
Copilot gives users full control over which suggestions to accept and which to discard. It's important to review each suggestion carefully and consider its relevance and accuracy before accepting or discarding it.

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Automating the generation and validation of SQL/Python code