Create Visualization Charts

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To get the real business insights from your data set, Tellius provides a range of charts that you can add to your Vizpad.

This topic explains how you can add the required chart to your Vizpad.

For information for each chart type, see Common chart types.

  1. From the Vizpads container page, open the Vizpad to which you want to add a chart.
    1. Move the mouse pointer on the Vizpad panel and click Open.
    2. At the top-right corer of the page, click Edit to open Vizpad.
      The Vizpad opens in the editing mode.
  2. Add the required chart to the Vizpad.
    1. Click the Add Chart button or click the add new viz icon.
    2. From the charts panel, click the required chart icon.
      A blank chart is added to the Vizpad along with Chart configuration and Business View panels open.
    3. Add the settings to the chart.
    4. From the business view panel, drag the required fields to the Configuration panel.
      These are the fields for which you want to view the details in the chart. As you start adding the measures and dimensions, the chart start showing the selected data points.
    5. Click the Add filter button to add filters to chart.
      For more information, see Apply Filters.
    6. Ensure that you have added correct fields and the chart is appearing correctly.

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