Time-Series Aggregation

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In Tellius, data aggregation is a process in which the data is presented in a summary form for the purpose of statistical analysis.

You create data aggregation within solution to get more information about particular groups on a specific variable.

You can aggregate the data by grouping particular columns, by grouping date and time columns, or by creating pivot on certain columns.

This topic explains about the Time-Series Aggregations.

  1. On the dataset Edit page, click the Aggregate icon.
  2. On the Aggregate Columns page, click the Time-Series tab.
  3. Enter the appropriate values in the following fields:
    • TimeRange: Select the time range to select the data from the columns.
    • Data/Time Column: Select a date/time column from your dataset.
    • Resolution: Select a resolution to reflect the frequency of your date/time column.
    • Aggregate column: Select the column that you want to calculate for aggregate.
    • Aggregate type: Select the mathematical function that you want to use for calculation.
    • (Optional) Add an aggregation column to add additional aggregate column and type.
    • (Optional) Advanced Filters to add filter condition for your aggregate.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the option whether you want to modify the existing dataset or create a new dataset for this aggregation.
    1. To create a new dataset, select the option whether you want to create a link to the original dataset (Link) or save the dataset to the server (Save).
  6. Select Count or Ratio and enter the count or percentage of records that you want use from the dataset.
  7. Click in the Dataset name field and enter the unique name for the dataset.
  8. Click Submit.

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