Azure AD

Azure AD is one of the multiple authentication mechanisms for the Tellius app. Azure AD integration uses Azure Enterprise application to configure Tellius as an Azure application. Below are the steps to connect Azure AD with Tellius.

Azure AD Configuration

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal
  2. Search for Azure Active Directory and select that
  3. Confirm that you are in the right Tenant which you want to configure and connect Tellius to
  1. On the left pane, select Enterprise applications and then click on 'New application'
  1. Select Non-gallery application
  1. Give a name TelliusAD to the application and then Add
  1. Wait for the application to be added successfully. The progress can be monitored the in the Notifications above
  1. Navigate to the Overview page of the application created in the above step. Click on Properties on the left pane
  2. Toggle the User assignment required to No, This will allow all the users in the AD to be able to access Tellius. If users are to be selectively assigned to be able to use Tellius, then the option can be left with Yes.
  1. Go back to Azure AD Overview page
  1. On the left pane, select App Registrations. Select All Applications tab. Search for TelliusAD and click on it.
  1. Copy the Application (Client) ID, Directory (Tenant) ID for further configuration later
  1. Click on Add a Redirect URI. Add a platform. Select Web
  1. Input the login URL of Tellius here. The format would be https://$hostname/azure_callback. Click on Configure

Tellius Configuration

  1. Log in to Tellius with Admin credentials
  2. Go to the Settings page
  1. Select Authentication Tab snd select Azure AD in the dropdown
  1. Input the Client ID, Tenant ID you got from the Azure AD application registration page. Azure Redirect URL would be the secure HTTPS URL mapped to Tellius. Click on Save

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