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Help and Support System

Tellius Support System. Have a question or need assistance? We are happy to announce the release of our new ticket tracking system. How to get support. In the platform through the Help page. In the p…

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Guided Tours

Guided Tour is the section in the help to easily navigate through the application interface. In the Guided tour, Tellius will help you navigate to the respective area on the interface and also ask yo…

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Product Videos

Product Videos are available to walk you through the various functions of Tellius in real time. In the left navigation bar, click the Help icon. The How can we help you? page opens. In the Product Vi…

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Articles & Docs

Article & Docs is the section that provides the list of help topics. You can open these topics to understand the specific features of Tellius. In the left navigation bar, click the Help icon. The How…

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Provide Feedback

Feedback is the section in Tellius that allows you to submit your feedback about the Tellius application. Your feedback is submitted to the Tellius support team to take appropriate further action. In…

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Updated 3 years ago by Hardik Chheda

Connect with Tellius team

Tellius offers real-time assistance via Chat, where you can reach out directly to the product and solution teams to get your questions resolved. Additionally, a feedback module has been included within Tellius where you can request features, provide quick feedback, suggest improvements, report issues, and create support tickets if needed

Hardik Chheda
Updated 10 months ago by Hardik Chheda

Support Process

Step 1: Report issues, bugs, improvements & features Reach us via Chat with me option on Help page to receive immediate support on mission critical issues. Screenshot of HELP page on Tellius Platform…

Hardik Chheda
Updated 3 years ago by Hardik Chheda