Load Datasets

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Before using Tellius to visualize the insights, it is important, you load the data from your data source. Tellius supports a range of data sources to import the data. For more information, see Supported Data Connectors.

Loading a new dataset

  1. On the Connect page, click Create New.
    The New Datasource page appears.
  2. Click the datasource from which you want to create your dataset.
    For example, Oracle.
  3. Enter appropriate details to connect the selected datasource and click the Save And Browse Host.
    The list of tables from the connected host appears.
  4. In the tables list, select the check box for a table and click Import.
  5. Enter the dataset name and click Load to load the dataset.
    You can view that the dataset is added to the Dataset page.

Loading existing dataset

Before you start performing all transformation activities, you need to load the data from the connected dataset.

  1. On the Dataset page, click the dataset that you want to use.
    The Prepare page opens with the data loaded from the selected dataset.
    On the Prepare page, the Dataset panel at the left side displays the list of all available datasets.
  2. Click the dataset to load the data from the selected dataset.
    Additionally, you can use the Data Pipeline option to add multiple operations to the data set and then load that data with calculations. For more information, see Data Pipeline (Visual).

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