Common Chart Types

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Tellius supports variety chart types so that you can use them to illustrate your data as per your requirement. Each chart type provides different settings to present the data as well as formatting options to make interactive visualization.

Use the links below to get more information about the chart types and their variety.

Line Charts

  • Basic Line Chart
  • Line Chart with Confidence Interval
  • Multiple Line Chart

Bar Charts

  • Bars Vertical
  • Bars Horizontal
  • Bars Horizontal Stacked
  • Bars Vertical Stacked
  • Bar Conversion Funnel

Pie Charts

  • Basic Pie
  • Donut Chart

Area Chart

  • Basic Area

Scatter Charts

  • Scatter Plot
  • Bubble Chart

Heat-map Charts

  • Heatmap

Combined Charts

  • Line + Horizontal Bar
  • Line + Vertical Bar
  • Line + Stacked Bar

Map Charts

  • Location Map
  • Boundary Map

Cohort Charts

  • Cohort

Table Charts

  • Table
  • Pivot Table
  • Detail (Raw) Data

Other Charts

  • Simple Count
  • Radical Progress
  • Funnel Chart
  • Water Fall

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