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As the name says, Personalized Search is to tune the results by interpreting the questions based on the users who are searching for the information. Many times, there are common phrases used by different people but interpreted differently by them.

After doing the research on these requirements, Tellius built the Personalize Search feature. In this search, Tellius grasps and learns the language of organizations and answer the questions personalize to the organizations' terminology.

Consider the following points to teach Tellius your language.

  • Apply Time Filters (time range)
  • Filters for columns
  • Specify the appropriate column base on a word
  • Group words together and set a definition
  • Specify values for the column of your choice
  • Apply aggregations on Metric Columns
  • Use Multiple columns to define a word / phrase

How you can get started?

In Tellius, go to the Search page and ask your question.

When the Search page displays the result for your question, click the Help Tellius Learn button at the bottom right side of the page.

The Help us learn page appears with the decoding of the question performed by Tellius.

The Help us learn page is a highly interactive page where you can personalize your question by updating the definition in many ways.

You can change fields by dragging columns from the panel.

Field Selection

You can add columns, filters, resolutions, and other factors to the column.

Adding Columns, Filters, and Resolutions

You can delete the separation in the sentence to combine the words together and define a new definition.

After completing all your modifications, you can update your personalized definition by clicking the Update Definition button at the bottom right side of the page.

You can also click the View All Learnings button to view all your learning. Tellius opens the Learning tab for your business view. The Learning tab displays the original query and the changes.

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